New summer swimming pool in Trutnov. Modern and safe

Increased water lagoon area, new attractions for children, water spouts or relaxing deckchairs; this summer will be offered by the summer swimming pool in Trutnov. This popular place of summer rest and entertainment will remain closed to the public this year and will undergo extensive renovation, aiming to offer visitors a modern, attractive and, above all, safe environment for relaxing and relaxing during the hot summer days.

Koupaliště final - kopie

Those interested in water fun, however, will not be deprived of the opportunity to go swimming this summer. In July and August, an indoor swimming pool will open, offering all-day operation from 9 am to 8 pm. The operator is also preparing to open the "summer" terrace in the children's pool, where visitors can relax on a sun lounger. Those interested will also be able to use the fitness and solarium services available throughout the opening hours. A sauna will be open every Tuesday and Thursday.

Emphasis on security

The closure of the summer swimming pool for this year's summer season and its planned reconstruction is primarily aimed at ensuring maximum safety for visitors and modernizing the premises. "Existing ceramic tiles for swimming pool baths show a considerable degree of damage and therefore require constant repairs," says MEBYSU Trutnov s.r.o. - Ing. Petr Gaisler. He adds that it is imperative to remove this inadequate condition and create an attractive and safe environment for sport and relaxation for the public. The decision to complete the reconstruction, which will require a swimming pool for one summer season, is therefore the result of a compromise. Newly, ceramic tiles will be replaced by stainless steel bathtubs.

Attractive news

When planning the reconstruction of the summer swimming pool, new attractions in the relaxation pool, such as water spouts or relaxing sun loungers, are offered. Partially the peninsula will be abolished, which will increase the water surface of the lagoon, the children's pool will be connected with the lagoon and the total water surface will be 1451 m2 from the original 1357 m2. The playground will be completely new and will be moved to the children's zone.

Public tender

The planned reconstruction of the summer swimming pool will be carried out by the company, which will come from a transparent tender, which will be finished by 16.6.2019


The opening of a modernized summer swimming pool for the public is planned for the following season in 2020