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Significant change in financing of sport activities in Trutnov has brought about also change for Trutnov Municipal Housing Enterprise. This company, fully owned by the municipality and ensuring maintenance and administration of housing and non-housing units, acts from this January under name of MEBYS. Abbreviated name of the company expresses connection of administration of flats and sport fields. MEBYS means municipal flats and sport grounds (Městské byty a sportoviště). Since this January the administration of the housing company covers also some sport fields, so-far maintained by TJ Lokomotivou Trutnov.


Transformation of sport activities was prepared by MEBYS director, Martin Veselý, in cooperation with representatives of TJ Lokomotiva and municipality during whole year. It was complex process, within which legal issues regarding tax and European legal regulations had to be solved. It resulted in separated administration of sport premises from activities of the sport clubs. The activities will be ensured by TJ Lokomotiva also in the future.


Following fields now falls under administration of MEBYS: indoor swimming pool, summer bathing place, ice hockey stadium and premises Na Nivách. However the sportsmen need not to worry. For 2013 MEBYS put a goal to particularly balance the conditions of individual sport clubs, i.e. correcting the situation, when some clubs paid for renting of sport fields and some clubs need not pay. Since January, all clubs shall pay equal share of 1/20 of operation costs of the sport centres. For those, who previously paid, such coefficient means slight decrease of the rent charge. Due to additional income from the units, who did not previously pay, the sport field administration will receive the same contribution as this year and the clubs will receive the compensation for the rental charge by subsidy from the municipal budget. Such measure does not load the budgets of clubs and also enables maximum possible transparency in financing of the sport in Trutnov.


This method of financing of sport is not intended to worsen the economy of the clubs by additional requirements for co-financing of operation of the sport fields, but setting the same rules for those, who perform sport activities in the municipal sport fields. The second significant step for 2013 will be setting of subsidy rules to prevent disadvantages of sportsmen and clubs in other facilities, such as schools or in sport facilities operated by private companies. Correct adjustment of the competing environment will be challenge for the heads of municipality, representatives, authority and sport commission, as the changes are not intended to deform the demand side of the sport facility renting, but setting of transparent conditions for all sportsmen.